About US

Message from C.E.O.

Dr. Thanong Bidaya

The Honorary Chairman:

I am proud to be joining the Charoensin Group. It is not just creating business growth towards an outstanding management but also a good sense of being a family with the intention, determination and dedication to build up the business from the pioneering generation down to the new waves who are carrying on the same spirit continuously and sincerely.

This is the inspiration that leads to confidence in Thai management system that combines the western style management harmoniously with seniority and family relationships which is the most important factor for progress and success of the Charoensin Group.

These have triggered new business ideas to move from its own tanning business, which is the legacy of the Group, to new businesses which are international and consistent with globalization. The Group is still able to maintain its own management style with the trust of international partners due to its philosophy that is honesty and sincerity.

Manoch Wongcharoensin

The Chairman of the Board:

Over 60 years, the Charoensin Group has grown and prospered and is now consisting of over 20 companies. This is an indicator of the success of a business that came from original family style business. As of today, the culture of the family business has been integrated into modern management that moves the Charoensin Group further in development, progress and stability.

Our philosophy in doing the family business, the Charoensin Group does not stick solely to the world of the family. We have integrated the strong aspect of close relationship with the progressive thinking of the professional management. The performances of the Charoensin Group are open to globalization, innovation and creativity according to the latest technology and constant development.